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Tour Connoisseur


Claudia von Kielich

Your Tour Connoisseur, Claudia von Kielich, has been on a worldwide calling of self-discovery and adventure for the past twenty years. From spa hopping through the western United States, temple touring in Thailand and Japan, trekking the Alps of New Zealand and outback of Australia, bathing in the medicinal baths of Bucharest, living on Katherine the Great Boulevard in Odessa, Ukraine, enjoying the palaces of St. Petersburg, Russia, to exploring the little known monasteries of Romania and Greece, she is well-versed in the art of travel.

As a global voyager she brings an inner wisdom and knowledge to travel in a style that she has refined from her extensive studies and many escapades. Having a Master’s degree in Behavioral Science, her extraordinary experiences and gift of camaraderie have cultivated an international social network, including Greek natives, academics, artists, chefs, government officials, celebrities and royalty. Of course, anyone can travel to Greece, however, few can do it with the elegance, grace and knowledge that Claudia brings to the table.

And that’s not all she brings! Along with Claudia, you will be meeting her immediate Greek family and intimate Greek friends who will reveal the true nature of Greece reserved only for its natives. You will travel safely in Greece knowing that you are always under the protection of a well-respected Athenian family and influential traveler.

Claudia is proud to announce her newly formed alliance with Virtuoso Luxury Travel as a Travel Advisor through her affiliation with US One Travel.