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“Goddesses Go To Greece” is a once in a lifetime adventure for women to explore the ancient mysteries and colorful terrain of Greece while awakening their inner Goddess. Hosted by a woman crowned as a Tour Connoisseur, Claudia von Kielich has conjured a mythical Greek experience under the influence of luxury. A lover of life, Claudia’s appreciation of people, places, culture and adventure makes your dream of a magical Greek vacation come true!

Travelling in a style fit only for a Goddess, you can choose to enjoy any of Claudia’s four exclusively designed vacations to experience the cultural distinctions of spring, summer, fall and winter in the Cradle of Civilization. Interwoven within this first class adventure you will discover your inner Goddess while being accompanied by Claudia, who has made Greece her home away from home for over the past twenty years.

Due to numerous requests, Claudia has added customized couples trips, “Gods Follow Goddesses Go To Greece”, exceptional “Grecian Wedding Destinations” on Skopelos and Skiathos (location of “Momma Mia” and fabulous cooking tours with “Ketty” (premiere chef and Greek cuisine author).

For those who appreciate the finer things in life — champagne, caviar, motor yachts, chauffeurs, spas, and dancing uninhibitedly under the stars — this Greek vacation is an extravaganza of pleasure and self-discovery. Limited to a select number of guests, theses trips and wedding destinations take in the beauty, culture, ruins, yachting and island hopping to experience all the richness of Greece reserved only for the Aegean Gods and Goddesses.